Joyce Lyons

“READ ME A LYRIC!” - Expressive Text Portrayal

Master Class Workshop for Vocal Students

Each student is to prepare two contrasting pieces of material (depending on the time allowed and number of participants) that they consider well rehearsed and ready for performance.

Each student then performs their piece, completely without interruption.

From this point, Ms. Lyons may ask the student questions relating to the piece, be it knowing the history of the song, the time period that it was written, perhaps the artist or artists who have performed it and what it means specifically to them. The student is assisted in critiquing and gaining a deeper understanding of the lyric, resulting in a more honest and sincere expression of the piece.

Students observe this process and participate in providing support and encouragement for each other.

Students of levels including professionals leave this course feeling motivated, excited and more confident.

Reviews and feedback are universally positive.

It is a dynamic, interactive process resulting in, a relaxed vocal instrument and an exhilarating performance.

View a Windows Media presentation of Joyce's participation in the Fort Lewis College Artist in Residence series.

View the recommendation Joyce received from Dr. Mack at Fort Lewis College. (PDF document)